Sunday, February 21, 2010


Pathetic is lying to your mom about where you're going so she doesn't feel sorry for you for not actually having any plans.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Random Revelations...

Today at work I shared something that I saw in a picture hanging in the lobby at work. I originally saw it one day at work when I was having a hard day. I was hating my job and the place that I found myself stuck in. And couldn't seem to get passed the fact that I was passed up on not one, but two new job opportunities. So I was feeling left out, trampled on and dejected. And I happened to look up at a picture on the wall that I had seen a hundred or more times before...and then it was like a face of a man popped out of the picture. It was a picture of the orangish sunset overlooking a rocky lake...and the face of the man reminded me of Jesus. Then I was taken to another place altogether; a place of deeper understanding. And I just felt as though the Lord was revealing to me--with each new day--why it was that I was there. And, as time passed, my contentment developed. Nobody else at work saw the Jesus that I saw in the picture. *smile* I guess God reveals Himself to each of us, in His own time and way.

I long to see those I love, enlightened.

Why is it we are quick to rush off to have fun and escape or party with people who only know a small part of us--or who barely know us--when there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. And He knows us more intimately than anyone.

I pray that those of my loved ones who seek loved will find it in the arms of their savior.And not those of a stranger.

The Unthinkable

My boss has been having a rough time lately. Her grandmother, Martha is in the hospital and the prognosis doesn't look good. She has been spending most of her free time at the hospital and her wearines and worry were beginning to show. During supervision, I got up the nerve to ask her if I could pray for her.

She said yes. :o)

And it's incidents like this that remind me why I am there. It's not about making money or selfish ambition

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sick N Moody

I was agitated a lot of today...aside from all the glorious evidence of womanhood (you know, the bloating, the cramping, the headache, fever, etc.), I had to deal with a co-worker's iritation with me and our oh-so-subtle polite chat chat while covering up that irritation. And on top of all the joys of raggines, I have a cold. So yes, I would have rather been sleeping today instead of standing up all day long, dealing with demanding people who--let's face it--just aren't right in the head. One of them was an old high school classmate. She and I looked each other right in the eye and although I was polite, I thought, this could be me. I am possibly only one chemical imbalance away from staring into someone's eyes from the other side of this glass. And today, I felt really close. She was somewhat snooty in high school. And I teetered between arrogant and shy. But there's nothing that says her personality is more prone to mental illness than mine. I could be the one swiping my card to attend groups and get meds.

And I was thinking about something a friend told me about her and an ex...I started to doubt it, today. I didn't have a problem with any of it, until today. Then I thought, what if it's all made up, and I am made a fool of again? And that is no doubt why I refuse to show my brokenness. I never want to let it take a hold of me as it once did.

Random thought...what if they move across the street? (Not so random in my head.)

Went to have drinks with some co-workers and my friend kept randomly (?) touching my thigh throughout the night as he was making jokes We were joking and laughing, exchanging some witty banter about the old office and he would tap my thigh. Odd. That had never happened before. For a moment, I actually felt attractive. It was another dimension to myself I thought had been buried. (It lives.)

By the time my shift had ended I was ready to ditch church and head straight home where Mike's Hard Lemonade sets in the fridge...chillin'. At that point, I really didn't give a shit about anything. I blinked back the tear that attempted to excape--and even stopped singing the song responsible for conjuring it out.

I just didn't feel useful; I didn't feel loved. And tonight, I stopped caring about it.

Are tears a sign of caring? Is that why I stopped them? Are they a sign of vulnerability and brokenness? Does it really matter that whenever I pass by, you don't even say hi? Tip toe across my feelings so as not to make me mad. and yet, I take it as you not caring enough to push my buttons in order to find out what's really inside of me. It couldn't be a fear of losing something that's only a remnant of what used to be now is hardly even there. Because I never walk away. But tonight, I didn't care.

The cramps have increased and the potency of the pills only decreased. Nothing has subsided...except the day. So now I sleep. They say tomorrow is a new day...I wonder if it will bring a new me. You'll hardly know who I am or what I'm about.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random Oddness

I was headed Eastbound on the 10 tonight and I exited a few too short. It wasn't until I had driven about 5 or 6 blocks that I realized, I had no idea where I was headed and nothing looked familiar. So I made a right turn on the next street and drove a few more blocks, still not recognizing anything...until I came to a corner apartment complex named, "El Sereno". It took me back to when my ex-boyfriend Anthony used to live there. Then I went a few more blocks and recognized another apartment complex where another exes ex used to live.

I found it to be a bit odd that I would "accidentally" come upon both places in the same night. And both brought up a whole slurry of emotions and memories....none of them negative. I think I am healed :-)